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Hey friend!
I ' M  S H E L B I
I'm the photographer behind the lens in this awesome corner of the internet! I'm also a mom, a wife, a reality TV snob and a Diet Dr. Pepper fanatic! I'm so glad that you are here! 

I started photography in 2017 after my second child, Henry, passed away. What started out as a hobby to distract myself from my grief has quickly grown into a passion and career. I love what I do. Photography has been so healing for me in my journey. I love that I can help document memories of precious moments in life. I know how invaluable these photos can be.

I love capturing your life as it truly is now. The adoration in the eyes of a giggling groom (oh yea, grooms are allowed to giggle, too!) The fart jokes and belly laughs of your toddler (Sorry, Nana, all kids go through that stage.) And the sweet toes of a newborn baby. These are moments that are so fleeting. How could I not want to capture them all and share them with you!? 

If that sounds good to you, then welcome aboard the crazy train! Can't wait to get to know you as you are right now: perfectly imperfect.


Looking for Senior Pictures?

Your graduation is such a special time of your life. If you are graduating high school or graduating college, you deserve to have photos to remember this season of life. I'd love to help you capture these memories!


It's time for family photos, again!

I'm a wife and mom. I know how it goes. Beautiful family photos are your biggest desire, but they are also your biggest trial. Dad's are grumpy and kids are unexplainably crazier than normal. I get it! That's why I try to make the experience as easy as possible! 

Planning your big day and completely overwhelmed?

Girl, I know how it goes. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you really want it to feel that way without feeling like you need to sell your kidney on the dark web. Look no further. After years now of working with crazy toddlers, sassy seniors and a few (somewhat) stressed brides (but very beautiful!), I am beyond prepared to help you have at least one less thing on your massive to do list. 

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