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Good times with the Gardiners

What are a few clouds when you've got a cute family like this? If you live in Laramie, you've likely seen the Gardiners at one sporting event or another. I've never known a more enthusiastic or kind family. I often find myself getting worried that future seasons of life won't measure up to the joy of this season, but Kandice makes mothering teenagers look like so much fun with her kids' thriving laughter.

*Do your best "Greek Statue" pose.

During the pandemic, these girls shared their joy and laughter through TikTok dances on social media. It was so much fun! "God, love them!" (Name that movie!! haha!)

*Isn't Matt a lucky guy?

When asked what their dad is best at, they fervently responded, "Board games!" Even game night is a sporting event at the Gardiners.

Do a superhero pose!

I think that Kandice feels just as lucky with these sweet guys to take care of her.

To know the Gardiners is to love them. I'm so glad to know them and experience their joy in my life and my business!

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