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Keeping Up with the Orcutt Family

"There's a lot of baggage that comes with us, but it's like Louis Vuitton baggage. You want it." -Kim Kardashian OK, they don't have baggage. Just a lot of kids, and it was seriously a blast. I saw Lottie the morning of her photoshoot when I ran into her as she was buying a baby gift for my Wally. She didn't hardly know me, but she'd been following our story and wanted to bring me a present. Before that she'd brought us a frozen meal. She's basically an angel on Earth. When she's not being a good Samaritan, she can be found chasing her kids around and goofing around with her husband, Dallon. I spent about 40 minutes after their photo shoot chatting because they are just all around awesome.

The week before our photo shoot, Lottie registered her children into their Native tribe, Diné or Navajo. She makes sure to keep them aware of their ancestral roots.

Is there anything dreamier than kids running through a field? This is what a childhood should be.

Every moment was full of fun and magic with this crew. They are at a season of life where there is so much personality. I love how much life there is in these photos. Between their ease in front of the camera and the amazing weather and light, it was a perfect session.

We attempted baby blessing outfit pictures, but Jonah was above modeling for us.

My gosh!!! I could die!! LOVE THEMMMMMMM!!!!

The way that they look at each other, you can tell that they are still best of friends. Even after years of marriage and children and everything in between. They are a shining example of finding joy in the sweet and crazy moments of life. They are so fun!

In case I haven't said it enough, I love the Orcutts! PS Lottie, Dallon. If you're reading this, when are we going on our Wing Night double date??

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