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The Christopherson Little Women

When we lost our son, our church leader came to visit us and sat and cried with us. He was exactly what we needed to get through that time. Katie is his daughter and she is no different. Every year since, we have donated to a charity on Henry's birthday and without fail she will bring over a box full of items to donate. She is kind and giving and the exact person everyone needs in their corner. Her husband, Jared, is my dentist, and seeing as he didn't judge me too hard when I came in after 7 years of skipped cleanings, I'd say he's also a saint. (But for real, he's the best dentist!)

Last year Katie homeschooled her girls, and we spent almost every week hanging out with them at the park. If there was a day above 50 degrees, we would be hanging out at one park or another. The girls could always be counted on for a fun time. They created their own TV show script that they are going to submit to Disney, even! The sky is the limit with them, and I love that kind of energy and role models for my own kids!

The Christopherson's are a gift to all who know them! So so grateful for Katie and our friendship!

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