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My fiancé and I have selected Shelbi to be the photographer for our wedding and at first, I was a little cautious because of pricing, but she was worth it.

As a groom, I really did not know anything about the elements of photography and how it could apply for a wedding. I just thought we would do some photos as a couple, then with our families, be done with it. Shelbi was helpful in explaining things to me when we first met and while we prepared for our ‘First Looks’ which was incredibly appreciated.

If you are wondering if she has the vision and skill to do the job, put those worries aside because she is excellent top to bottom. She may say the word “epic” more than you thought possible, yet it is honestly backed up with a sense of passion that I have never seen from a photographer.

Her energy got me excited while taking photos and when I saw the pictures, my heart melted. You can trust that she is going to hold her end and put forth better results that you could imagine.

Corden, 2019


Small Wedding Package $600

This package is perfect for an elopement or a simple Latter Day Saint wedding where you are not planning on having pictures taken of the ceremony or the reception. 
The small wedding package includes:
-90 minutes of family/wedding party pictures immediately following the ceremony. (Or for an elopement, this could look like portraits of the couple and pictures of the ceremony.)
-Digital copies of at least 100 edited color/ B/W photos
-Photo release form


The mid-level Package $1500

This package is perfect for the bride that would love portraits, family portraits and the ceremony, but is not concerned about capturing much of the reception or getting ready pictures.
The Mid-level Package includes:
-4 hours of photography including the ceremony (or can be used instead on reception if a Latter Day Saint bride)
-Digital copies of at least 250 edited color/ BW photos
-Photo release form

The Full Day Package $2500

This is the perfect package for the bride that has dreamed of this day since she was a child. The bride that wants to remember every part of her special day forever!
The Full Day Package includes: 
-8 hours of photography including first looks and wedding party before ceremony, the ceremony, family photos after ceremony, and reception 
-Digital copies of at least 500 photos
-Photo release form

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